Florida-Friendly Landscape design combines art and science to create functional, attractive, and ecologically sound surroundings that complement a home or other structure. The main idea when placing plants in your landscape is not to waste time, energy, and money caring for a plant that is not adapted to the spot where it’s planted. But Florida-Friendly Landscaping ™ guidelines need not restrict your choices of color, texture, and style.

    Turf and landscape plants have different water, fertilizer, and maintenance needs. All it takes is one misplaced shrub to disrupt mowing and irrigation patterns. To conserve water and make maintenance easier, group plants in beds according to water requirements.

    One way to design your landscape is by choosing two or three colors that complement each other, and repeating the color combination throughout the landscaped area. You’ll create a scene that’s visually attractive, and the repetition of color will draw the eye through the planting.

    However you design your landscape, don’t forget to take into consideration what times of year different plants bloom.

    Mulch is a wonderful addition to any landscape. It keeps moisture in the soil, helps control weeds, and reduces stormwater runoff. A mulch layer around trees, shrubs, and planted beds provides many benefits. In areas that are difficult to mow, irrigate, or otherwise maintain, use mulch to replace turf or groundcovers. Also consider placing mulch in shady areas where many plants don’t grow well.

    Healthy lawns clean and cool the air by absorbing carbon dioxide, releasing oxygen, and collecting dust and dirt. They filter stormwater runoff and reduce erosion, glare, and noise. But the many benefits of grass are only realized when it's cared for and used properly. Turfgrass thrives in sunny areas, but most types do not grow well in dense shade. In shady spots, plant shade-tolerant ground covers instead turf.

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