• Achieve a healthy balance

    Achieving a natural, healthy balance in your landscape starts with an evaluation of your landscape conditions. This encompasses far more than simply putting sun-loving plants in your yard’s sunny spots—you also need to consider things like maintenance, mulch and water needs. Matching plants to conditions in your landscape can help them thrive, once established, with little or no irrigation and few or no fertilizers and pesticides.

    Creating your Landscape

    • Evaluation of existing landscape
    • Soil testing (pH)
    • Plant & shrub selection (Right plant, right place)
    • Tree selection and placement
    • Choosing a Turfgrass or replacing existing Turfgrass
    • Water Efficiently and Management
    • Fertilize Appropriately
    • Mulch
    • Weed Control
    • Manage Pest and Turf Diseases responsibly

    Whether you’re establishing a new landscape or making changes to an existing one, a Nature's Touch specialist can help you enjoy healthier turf and  plants, and reduce wok by choosing a landscape suited to your property conditions.

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